Waiting Around to Die

I just can’t believe that magnificent range of Wild Rabbit Salad. I think that the band will have wide appeal, not just among folk and country music fans, but also beyond that. Great vocals, beautiful melody. Touching song!

The singer has a country sound, but it is not the inauthentic country popular now.

The emotion in the artist vocals have a real and genuine tone that makes the listener not only hear, but feel their lyrics as well.

Wild Rabbit Salad did a damn good job on this one. He kind of sounds like Willie Nelson a little bit to me. Nice tune here.

This is a great song…I think it has a ton of potential!

This song was powerful and full of deep emotion. The sound and production quality were clear. The singer reminded me of Blake Shelton with his strong vocals.

I really enjoyed the folksy atmosphere this song evokes with its guitar rhythms and interesting lyrics. The guy’s voice is also amazing, sounds a lot like Johnny Cash in some ways.

I think the intro to this song is good and it has my interest to keep listening. I really like the voice of this artist and feel that they could fit in a few genres. I like the story being told. Good work.


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