The group Wild Rabbit has such a great balance of fast and slow songs. The stories they tell are very interesting and tell the stories of today. They do have some hints of traditional country singers like Dolly and Willie back they really add an interesting twist to the country music scene.

This song has a really pleasant opening and the guitar player really shines. Singer has a nice voice and the writing does a great job of story telling, inspiring me to listen more. Female backing singer is quite good, too.

I’m not sure why this reminds me of a Springsteen lyric so much, but it does. But maybe this is a compliment, as it is just as good as Bruce (and probably better than some of his weaker material).

I really love the music in this song, and I thought the beginning was very beautiful. I also appreciate the authenticity of the singer’s voice- reminded me of classic country like Willie Nelson.

The instrumental gives the song a real and unforgettable melody. The artist vocals has a hypnotic melodic flow that really fits the instrumentation so perfectly.

I like the music of the song. The song structure is great. The vocal is awesome and the lyrics fits with the music. The sound quality is nice.

The song has a good hook to it over all, and I like the harmonies between the male and female vocals. It adds a cool flavor to the track.

I can listen to this band all day. They have the perfect mixture of moods they give you when you listen to them. Awesome tune overall.

The pacing and the structure of the song was great. I thought that the artist put a lot of effort into the song. I was very pleased.

The vocals are so good, reminds me of Neil Young. The backing vocals go really well with the main vocals. The music is good as well.

I like the calm vibe of this song and it’s pleasant to listen to. I like the lyrics and the vocals as well. I like this song a lot.

What is not to enjoy about this song. I enjoyed the lyrics a lot. They sound really good together and unique. I would listen again.

This is another good one. These songs are really good. I like the positive attitude the song puts off. Its very nice to listen to.

I like the laid back groove type sound of this song. It is relaxing and easy to listen to. I think this is old school but nice.

I am a big fan of the guitar on this track and the vocals are always fantastic. There is just so much soul in this voice.

This song is easy to listen to and easy to imagine.I could see this song being used in a tv show or a movie.


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