I like how this song reminds me of the 1960s. It definitely has a late 1960s feel to it which I like. It reminds me of artists like Jefferson Airplane. I like that reminder. I like the strong, female lead vocals. I like how the producer deftly captured the haunting beauty of her voice.

This is another good song, her voice is perfecther, the lyrics are sad and thoughtful, love the melody and the song should be a great hit, the beat and tempo just picked up, like this a lot, the song, is now becoming hopeful, and uplifting, great job, the tempo is perfect.

“Wild Rabbit Salad” is unique, nostalgic, and I want to hear more! I love their pleasant and dynamic vocals. A very well-done arrangement. I will stream this one!

I really like the vocals and the feel of this song. The guitar adds a richness that you don’t hear every day. This is a great song with a lot of potential.

Love the name of the song and band. She has a great voice. Good love song with great lyrics. Love the instrumental too. Great song.

I love when she sings on their music. Such a beautiful and lovely vocal performance each time. Classic timeless sound for sure.

This was an excellent tale of a life full of hardships but at the same time a lot of hope, sung in a very traditional style.

Singer has a great voice. Song has a mellow vibe to it. Good song to relax to. Would want to hear more from the artist.

Lots of rhyme in this song and a very up tempo vibe which is great to listen to. I like the music in the background.

Oh I absolutely adore this song. This girl reminds me of a young Joan Baez. It takes me back to my high school days.


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