I love the singers’ voices so much! They could have been singing anything and it would have been enjoyable to listen to. I felt like I was listening to the soundtrack to a Western movie just from the sound of the song. I don’t have any negative criticism. Overall this was just a solid song! Also, I love the band name.

Pretty brilliant all around. The recording is great. The guitar noodling is interesting, and I appreciate how a screw up or two got left in. The vocal blend is great. The lyrics are literate and believable.

I just noticed the band name. I love it! I love the female vocals as well as the male lead vocals. They go very well with the music, which is well written and has a great melody.

This song is easy to listen to and easy to imagine. It creates a narrative/picture in your head. I could see this song being used on a TV show or movie soundtrack.

I like that the song sounds energetic without being too in-your-face. I also like that the song flows very organically throughout without sounding too repetitive.

What a fun song! Kind of an old style boss nova beat. I liked it quite a bit, and will look up this group for more songs that they might have.

This song is really fun, the tune reminds me a lot of another band but I cannot place them at the moment. I think maybe The Lumineers. Singer has a strong voice.

There was something about this song that reminded me of one of the great oldies hits like from Fleetwood Mac. Great overall performance and vocals.

I like the music of the song. The song structure is great. The vocal is awesome and the lyrics fits with the music. The sound quality is nice.

I thought that structurally this song was fantastic. I thought that I could have heard this song in a lot of reality television shows.

I like the tone and style of this song and it has a nice tempo to it that makes tapping my toes along fun and the vocals are nice.

I like the sassy yet low key sound of the vocals in this song. This has a peppy and quirky type of sound that is interesting.

The music is simple, but really goes well with the vocals and the lyrics. It is a perfect fit with every thing in the song.

I really enjoy this. It’s a solid song, with great bass, melody and rhythm. I think it has the potential to be a hit.

Overall this is a very strong song and is to be enjoyed as such. The artist takes the song and makes it their own.

This one was very good and very catchy. He sounded good and the female vocals were a nice touch on this as well.


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