This is a good song, her voice is very excellent in this song, love it, the lyrics are spot on, like I say Wild Rabbit Salad is a mix of awesome and uniqueness, every song so far I truly love and have become a fan, I will try to add this to alexa tomorrow when people are awake.

Sweet-sounding opening, lazy and super pretty. Female vocalist has a fresh and likeable voice with a very modern approach. She sounds young and full of longing with a gentle tone. Lyrics tell a story and it’s softly told with an easy style and a lot of emotion.

The vocals in this are really cool. You sound kind of like neko case. The nature of the vocals mirrors the sounds of the strings, both doing something I don’t feel i’ve heard before.

“Lying” is another wonderful song from “Wild Rabbit Salad”. They have amazing song arrangements. Just amazing vocals and lyrics! Love them! I will be streaming this song too!

Very well written lyrics that craft into the music perfectly. The melody of the song is extremely memorable and you can tell the artist believes in his lyrics.

I love the vocals of this song. I think they’re really good, and do a great job of making you think. I think this song has great potential to be a hit.

This one has a haunting element to it that strikes me a bit like some slower Metallica. I like the creepiness though because it adds character.

Every one of this group’s tracks I hear, I like these people a little bit more. There’s such charisma, and they show a good range and spirit.

Now this song from the artist I really like. I like the lyrics and just the vibe, that the song gives off. I would like to hear it again.

I very much enjoyed the voice of the singer. It was soft and soothing to my ears. I would totally listen to this song a few more times!

Instantly liked the instrumental of it. It is more calm. I love her voice. Overall a great song and a great voice.

I like the song the song the beat is good the beat is great the instruments are great the songs is of good quality and production.

I like the way the violin meets with the melody of the singers voice. She sounds like Dolly Parton on this song. I love her voice.

This song has a lot of character to it. I like the background music and the female vocals. They add a lot to this particular song.

I loved the lyrics and the way they just stuck to me and made me feel great emotion.


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