The song has a good energy to it and the vocalist has a good tone to her voice. The lyrics tell a story and it’s easy to listen to. The audio quality needs a bit of work but it’s pretty good.

I think the intro to this song is unique and has my interest. I like the vibe of this song. The artist’s voice is really good. I would definitely listen to this song again.

The opening caught my attention as it was unique. The percussion is really great and carries the beat throughout. Song writing is poignant and the singer sounds great.

The vocals of this song are outstanding. The instrumental greatly compliments the vocals and overall sounds like a well produced song in the folk genre.

This song is nice and cinematic alongside the nicest lyrics and vocals I have heard. This song is nice, smooth, and is generally and overall experience.

I love the lyrics, feels like it has a deep hidden meaning, that needs to be uncovered by listening closely. The instrumentation is lively and vibrant.

The storm at the beginning sets the mood for the song. I like the country twang to the instruments and living in Texas once I understand this song.

This song has a fresh and catchy beat to it at the start of it. The instrumentals are good and pleasant to listen to and the vocals are as well.

I like the music of the song. The song structure is great. The vocal is awesome and the lyrics fits with the music. The sound quality is nice.

The vocals are INSANE. I love it.

The way that the vocalist sings is really addictive and entertaining. She has this sound that makes you want to just get lost in her voice.

This is a very cool sound that is pretty unique. I like this sound and I would listen again. It is sassy and good to sing along with.

This song was really unique and made me feel more happy than I was before. It made me want to get up and move which I really needed.

This is a rather different song, but I would like to hear it again. It just has a really cool sound and feel to it all around.

I like the sound of the rain a lot, this really helps to set the mood, I know people in Houston and I really feel this story.

She reminds me of a cross between Mary Chapin Carpenter and Heart. I dig it, but I also feel like this sound is very dated.

The voice of the female artist is really nice and the story of the song is cool. I think this is the best one of the bunch.

I like the mysterious sound of this song and it’s intriguing. It makes me want to listen to more. I like this song a lot.

I enjoy the ambiance that the weather sounds set up at the open to set up the tone and style of song that this will be.

I liked the thunderstorm sample they used in the beginning. She sounded amazing on this one. Nice 70s sound on this.


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