This is a well written song. I like the alternating vocals. Song is catchy throughout.

I enjoyed this upbeat and pleasing country song. The guitar melody and drums compliment each other and make a fun upbeat song. I like the duet between the two singers and how they harmonized in the melody.

The lyrics and music fit together well. This song is easy to relate to and easy to listen to. I like how there is a male side and a female side. It adds to the appeal of the song.

The song has a kick to it and has a great beat some of the country songs have a bit of rock in them which makes the songs interesting. Song makes me want to dance.

I like the lyrics to this song. And the artists voice both match the tone of the music. The music fits the words really well also, it helps pull it all together.

I love the high energy of this song, and I thought it was funny and witty too. The man’s voice is very real and authentic too- it reminds me of old country.

I think the intro to this song is good and feels energetic. It makes me want to keep listening. I like the lyrics and story being told. Good job all around.

I love the singer’s vocals grooves alongside the active melody of the song’s instrumentation. The lyrics in this song are real sunny and bright as well.

This is a pretty cool tune. It made me chuckle a bit. The lyrics are very amusing. I love both the male and female vocals. This is very entertaining.

This song has a fresh and catchy beat to it at the start of it. The instrumentals are good and pleasant to listen to and the vocals are as well.

Yes. Great, great use of male/female vocals. I love how the story unfolds. It’s recorded well. The bridge section is a lot of fun to listen to.

I like the music of the song. The song structure is great. The vocal is awesome and the lyrics fits with the music. The sound quality is nice.

The beat and the melody are strong and flow well throughout. The lyrics are fun and involving. Good overall performance. Like to hear more.

This song is smooth and groovy and this results in the song being a very smooth experience.This song is good in many ways and I love it.

The opening guitars are really good. The song has a great beat. The male vocalist has a great, classic country sound. Good song writing.

I enjoyed this song as a whole. They both sound really good together. They was easy to follow and easy to like. The best yet of theirs.

Such an awesome pick me up kind of tune right here. Loved how they both flowed with each other and sand together on the choruses.

This song has a good beat and it is a nice party type sound. I think this is good to play at a party and it would appeal to many.

I like the mix of blues and rock in this song, just a really well done song, this is catchy and really nice to listen to.

This is the kind of music I can listen to for quite some time. I really enjoyed this song very very much. It was great.

This song has a great energy and is fun to listen to. I would happily listen to this song again, I like it a lot.


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