This is absolutely a very entertaining song. It’s another one that made me chuckle a bit. You guys are really talented. I’m positively looking y’all up on Reverb Nation when I’m done listening to this track. Good luck, folks!:)

The singer is a country western singer. This is a live recording because at the end of the song people are heard clapping. This song has very high production values.

It was an interesting set of lyrics, but I thought that everything worked really well together. It was a great piece of music that was composed by the artist.

This has a country sound to it, but the lyrics are so catchy! I would definitely listen to this often, and I think the singer’s voice is great.

I like the music of the song. The song structure is great. The vocal is awesome and the lyrics fits with the music. The sound quality is nice.

The lyrics makes the song really amusing and entertaining to listen to. The instrumental has a nice upbeat groove and motion about it as well.

I can’t get over how much he sounds like Willie Nelson on this one. Loved the classic fold and rock sound on this one. Nice flow.

This sounds like a fun song but not necessarily hit song. I think it would be a crowd pleaser. I like the harmony on the vocals.

This was a very cute and funny song. The music was good and the lyrics were entertaining. It was lots of fun. I really liked it.

I like the overall sound and melody of this song. I like the instrumental play. The vocals go well with the rest of the music.

This song is nice and smooth, and because of this, the song is really nice to listen to and the vocals are very nice as well.

I like the title of the song. It makes me smile and I like the vocals as well. It’s a fun song that I would listen to again.

What a strange song! I love it, though. Great lyrics and I even checked the link so I can listen to it again in the future.

He has a great sounding voice. The lyrics were easy to understand and follow. The instrumentals are perfect for the song.

The vocalist for this song has a good sound to his voice. The music has a solid build to it that is really entertaining.

Love this song. It reminds me of old school country folk rock songs of the 1970s. Great song that tells a funny story!


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