Really like the groove of this track. Same issue as previous song of being quiet though. The slide guitar sounds excellent here. Really good lyrics. Secondary vocals are good too. This is a really enjoyable listen. The alternating vocals adds a nice extra little bit of quality to the track. Definitely a good track for a honky tonk bar late at night.

I like this song with the dual vocals. The male vocalist sounds a little like Willie Nelson. The female’s voice goes nicely with the music. I like the slide guitar and the entire vibe of the song. I hope this group enjoys much success.

The singer’s voice is excellent! Nice range and a wonderful sound. The male singer sounds a bit like young Willie Nelson. The guitars and fiddle sound great together. Fun song writing as well. Great track.

The lyrics were memorable, interesting, easy to relate to, and easy to sing along to. The female and male harmonized well together because their voices were complimentary.

The song has a very classic country style and sound to it that I and the gravel of the male vocal and the contrast of the softness of the female vocal is nice.

Her voice here sounds very powerful and very attractive at the same time. His voice is about the same. This is great combination! This one was done very well.

Her voice here sounds very powerful and very attractive at the same time. His voice is about the same. This is great combination! This one was done very well.

The beginning of this song is good. The artist’s voice is perfect for this genre. I can see myself listening to this song and picturing the lyrics in my head.

You guys have such diverse songs, but they still go nicely together. There’s a good range of tunes. Again, I love the vocals as well as the rhythm. Very nice.

Love the song it of course has a country feel. Makes me want to dance they all tell stories and the singers sound like Dolly Parton and willie Nelson.

Good sound quality. The like the relaxed, upbeat vibe of it. The vocals are clean and smokey, and sound like something you’d hear in a fancy nightclub.

I like the upbeat nature of this song. The female vocalist is great to listen to. I could see this song being used on a TV show or a movie soundtrack.

I like the effect that’s on the singer’s vocals. The instrumental has an old fashion folk style that really makes this song veritable and authentic.

The male country singer sounds like Willie Nelson. The blues and country rock and roll song is very pop sounding also.

The beat for this song sets a nice and steady pace. The vocalists both do a great job in delivering their performances. They make a wonderful pair.

This song has a fresh and catchy beat to it at the start of it. The instrumentals are good and pleasant to listen to and the vocals are as well.

I like the music of the song. The song structure is great. The vocal is awesome and the lyrics fits with the music. The sound quality is nice.

I really enjoyed listening to this song. The female artist has a voice that sounds like the band heart. Would love to hear more from them.

I very much appreciate the time spent on the lyrics.

The artist that sang the song had a gorgeous voice. She really did a great job singing.

This is probably my most favorite tune from them big time. The guitar solo sounded pretty sweet. Nice classic rock vibes flowing here.

This is a great song. I like it a lot. The overall sound is top notch and its very professionally made. I think it will be a hit.

I like the simple and sassy sound of this song. The vocals are a good match for the instrumental and both have nice attitude.

A good song with a great heart to it it just feels like the kind of song that one would enjoy to listen to on a chill night.

This is really fun and funky, her voice is really good and has a really sexy sound to it,

I enjoyed listening to this song as a whole. He has a unique sounding voice that could be easily heard and understood.

I like the beat of the song and catchy tune. It’s a lot of fun to listen to this song. It makes me want to dance.


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